Understanding compressor types

A compressor is the heart of every refrigeration system. It functions to circulate refrigerant within a closed loop system, drawing it from the evaporator in a gaseous form before sending it on to a condenser at a much higher pressure. As a result it can provide cooling.

The technology involved in compressors has advanced a great deal over the years as demands for refrigeration have expanded. Now there are different types based on how they compress the refrigerant. There are two main categories; rotary and reciprocating. The first utilises rotational movement to provide the compression. Reciprocating movement provides it in the other type.

When selecting a compressor there are several different things to consider including the speed, efficiency, noise, pressure lift, size, and lifecycle. It is important to select a product that ticks all of the right boxes.

At Comparts International Ltd we specialise in after-market compressor rebuild. Our specialist engineers are highly knowledgeable and can deliver solutions to suit a wide array of different needs. If you need help we are just a call away and will always work hard to ensure we deliver a high quality, cost effective service.

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Comparts International Ltd has been operating since October 1999. In that time our knowledge has expanded a huge amount and we have grown into one of the most highly regarded names for compressor rebuild. We work with reputable manufacturers all around the world, delivering a consistent high quality service.

Our industry has changed a great deal over the years. In fact the industry for after-market spare parts such as compressors is relatively new in Europe. Traditionally all of the spares came from the US. Sadly many of them come with high price tags. We worked hard to change this, setting up our operations in the UK and striving to achieve consistently high standards, even exceeding OEM requirements where possible.

Our brand new website is the latest indication that our market is moving forward. With it we will make it possible for consumers to purchase replacement parts online with just a few clicks. It will increase accessibility even further and may offer even more savings.

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