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Part No Product Image Description OEM.reference
18.10.500 FC Con rod for 'S' models N/A
18.10.800 FC Con rod for 'V/Z' models N/A
18.26.570 FC Gasket set for models S10-39 N/A
18.55.555 FC Piston & pin 54x 18 model 'S N/A
18.55.540 FC Piston assembly 54mm X 14mm N/A
18.65.555 FC Piston ring 54mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.570 FC Piston ring 62mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.580 FC Piston ring 64mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.600 FC Piston ring 68mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.610 FC Piston ring 74mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.620 FC Piston ring 78mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.65.630 FC Piston ring 82mm x 2.00mm N/A
18.81.570 FC Valve plate assembly models S10-39 N/A
18.80.100 FC Valve reed suction 54mm bore model 'S N/A
18.80.150 FC Valve reed discharge N/A
18.80.160 FC Valve reed discharge spring N/A